Tag: Prong eyðileggur lífið þitt!

Prong eyðileggur lífið þitt!

Hljómsveitin Prong sendir frá sér nýja breiðskífu að nafni “Ruining Lives” í apríl mánuði næstkomandi, en platan er níunda breiðskífa sveitarinnar. Hljómsveitin Prong var stofnuð í New York fylki árið 1986 af Tommy Victor og félögum, en síðustu ár hefur hann mikið unnið með tónlistarmönnum á borð við Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Trent Reznor og Danzig, enn hann hefur verið hluti af hljómsveit Danzig síðustu ár. Efni sveitarinnar er pródúserað af Steve Evetts (Hatebreed, Sick Of It All, Sepultura) en hann sá einnig um plötuna “Carved Into Stone” sem var gefin út 2012.

Tommy Victor lét eftirfarandi liggja eftir sig um nýju plötna:

“This is the fastest written and recorded PRONG-album ever and it has more great songs than any previous PRONG-record.
I am particularly proud of the vocal performance and I think we captured some outstanding sounds on this album. There’s a little bit of a throwback element here. “Ruining Lives” is almost a “Force Fed” type of song. The album is a hybrid between NY Hardcore and some very modern, song oriented work. You will find some “Rude Awakening” but also some solid, crushing riffs. I feel we have captured the best elements of PRONG on this album.

“Come To Realize” is something new – we have never approached this kind of time-signature. It really is math-metal meets pure hardcore with a crazy-ass riff. What’s exciting about the whole album is you have your hooks, your riffs and something innovative that makes the album very current. This qualifies as the hybrid nature of PRONG: marrying post-punk, industrial metal, hardcore thrash and modern elements — all of that with hooks and not just a bunch of screaming.”

Lagalisti plötunnar:

2.The Barriers
3.Windows Shut
4.Remove, Separate Self
5.Ruining Lives
6.Absence Of Light
7.The Book Of Change
8.Self Will Run Riot
9.Come To Realize
10.Chamber Of Thought
11.Limitations And Validations
12.Retreat (Bonus Track) (fylgir bara digipack og vínil útgáfu)