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Hljómsveitin Ulcerate heldur tónleika hér á landi núna á föstudaginn (grein birt 15. ágúst 2017), en umræddir tónleikar eru á vegum skipuleggjanda Reykjavík Deathfest hátíðarinnar, sem svo sannarlega eru búnir að sanna sig sem afburðar tónleikaskipuleggjendur. Ég ákvað að skella nokkrum spurningum á Ulcerate og viti menn, þeir svöruðu með stæl og má lesa umrædd samskipti hér að neðan (á ensku):

Hi, for the uneducated metalhead, tell us a little bit about your band Ulcerate.

We’re a death metal band hailing from New Zealand inhabiting the darker, oppressive end of the metal spectrum. Beyond that we prefer people to seek for themselves and form their own opinions.

Your fifth full-length, Shrines of Paralysis, was release in October last year, how is that different from Vermis or even from your demos back in the day.

‘Shrines’ for us is a foray into more melodic territory, with less reliance on our staple level of dissonance. Naturally we’re staying true to the sonic footprint we’ve been crafting for the last 17 years, but we’re in a much more comfortable space now in terms of not needing to ‘prove’ ourselves. The emphasis these days is on songwriting as a craft while adhering to the traditions of the style we’ve developed.

In terms of how it relates to ‘Vermis’ – there was a conscious effort to push the drums to the forefront of the mix, and push for a much larger soundstage, particularly in how much the bass propels the sound forward. ‘Vermis’ was intentionally a very murky production to fit with the somewhat impenetrable nature of the tracks. Generally the new album has more ‘hooks’ and definable melody which allows us to move more freely.

With regards to the demos, there’s obviously not a lot of reference points there, the demos were us trying to find a sound and developing the skill sets to execute death metal at a fairly young age (18-19). So as 30 year olds, we’re completely different people with different aesthetic sensibilities and musical priorities.


What can fans expect from your shows here in Iceland?

We’re only performing a single exclusive Reykjavik show. Fans can expect an entirely overwhelming and crushing sensory experience – all things going to plan of course. We have absolute confidence in our live performances, this is us in our natural and most comfortable state.

Do you guys know any Icelandic Music?

Yeah of course – I don’t know of too many in our circles who don’t know Svartidauði, Misþyrming, Sinmara, Wormlust etc and all of the associated bands. We also took Zhrine with us to the States last year on a month-long tour. And of course outside of metal Björk, Sigur Rós, Ólafur Arnalds etc.

Besides yourself, what should people be looking out for from the New Zealand music community?

Jakob, Heresiarch, Vassafor, Vesicant, Shallow Grave, Stone Angels, Creeping. And defunct bands such as Witchrist, Diocletian, Sinistrous Diabolous.

Hægt er að hlusta á nýjustu breiðskífu, Shrines of Paralysis, sveitarinnar hér að neðan:

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