Cave IN

Í ágúst mánuði er von á nýrri plötu frá hljómsveitinni “Perfect Pitch Black” og verður sú plata gefin út af Hydra Head útgáfunni. Platan inniheldur 8 lög sem veitin tók upp á árunum 2003 og 2004, nýlega lét sveitin þetta eftirsig liggja um plötuna:

“If you haven’t already heard, we are pleased to the brim in announcing that Hydra Head Records is going to release a new Cave In album this summer. Tentatively scheduled for an August 2005 release, “Perfect Pitch Black” will be an 8 song disc that features tunes recorded between 2003 and 2004, with some recent embellishments from our sonic spice rack recorded in March 2005. So whatever recorded versions of these tunes you may already be familiar with via the internet, the actual disc that sees the light this summer will be news to your ears. Andrew Schneider is at the helm of both the engineering and the mixing, and further recording and mixing production for the project is set to wrap up by the end of April (at Schneider’s fancy new studio in Williamsburg, NY). We’ll keep you posted on further developments!”

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